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Condominium Industry Cleaning

Improve Resident Happiness With the Elite Standard

From your front door to theirs, condominium & apartment residents expect to find clean, well-maintained entranceways and common areas! Elite Touch Cleaning Services is the go-to partner for multi-family housing, condominium, and apartment properties that are looking to maintain and clean their common areas.

Our Elite Standard means that we provide a thorough, high-quality cleaning with experienced staff, industry-leading techniques, and the right tools for the job. Our janitorial services are the right solution for maximizing your resident satisfaction.

The Keys to Resident Satisfaction

Cleaning Plan (1) (2)

Customized Cleaning Plans

No matter the size of your community and common spaces, we can create a customized cleaning plan to efficiently meet your needs. We approach each project with a tailored approach to best meet your needs.

Common Areas

Common Areas & Entry-ways

When you’re trying to attract a new resident to your community, the first impression can make all the difference and that’s why we prioritize making sure your entryways and common areas are clean and help you put your best foot forward.

Exterior Cleaning

Exterior Cleaning

Appearances matter and the outside of your buildings are the first thing your residents and prospective tenants see. Regular cleaning and pressure washing is critical for keeping your residents happy.


  • We can create a customized cleaning schedule to best fit your needs.

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