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Manufacturing & Industrial Cleaning

Making Work Cleaner With the Elite Standard

Whether working on the shop floor or in a back office, everyone deserves a safe, clean place to work. In a manufacturing or industrial setting, this can be a challenge with facilities that span thousands of square feet and use machinery or fabrication tools that create dust and pollutants.

Elite Touch is your partner to ensure that your industrial spaces are clean and safe for your employees and sterile enough for your product safety standards. We have experienced staff and use industry best practices to provide the highest quality cleaning service.

Our Process for a Clean Facility

Cleaning Plan (1)

Customized Cleaning Plans

Depending on whether you need to clean 4,000 square feet or 40,000 square feet, we start by creating a customized plan that meets your unique needs.

Sanitize (1)

Sanitize & Sterilize

We use the industry-standard techniques and cleaning solutions to ensure that your surfaces and equipment are clean, sanitized, and, if you need, sterilized. This helps you continue producing where you need it most.

Dust_2 (1)

Dust Control

Large warehouses generate large amounts of dust and dirt. Regular, professional warehouse and manufacturing cleaning reduces dust and creates a safer work environment.

TouchPoints_1 (1)

Common Areas & High Tough Points

It’s important to take care of high-traffic areas used by your workforce to cut down on dirt and germs. Cleaning break rooms, bathrooms and access points keep your employees healthy and create a positive work environment.


  • We can create a customized cleaning schedule to best fit your needs.

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