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Customized Cleaning Services

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High-Quality Cleanliness

Experience the Elite Standard

Clean offices, retail spaces and common areas aren’t just important for employee health and morale; if your business doesn’t look clean or professionally maintained, it could cost you a customer or revenue opportunities. Elite Touch offers customized cleaning solutions designed to give your spaces high-quality commercial cleaning you depend on for your business success.

The Elite Standard means that we use the industry’s best techniques and materials to clean your commercial space from top to bottom, no matter what you need. Our experienced teams work with you to ensure every space meets your standards and ours.

Ways to Customize Your Cleaning Plans

Clean Bathrooms

Clean Restrooms

One of the biggest spaces every one looks to when judging the cleanliness of their property are the restrooms. Elite Touch works with you to stock all the essentials and regularly clean your restrooms.

Glass Cleaning

Glass Windows & Doors

Glass doors and windows quickly become smudged, dirty or dusty, leaving your otherwise beautiful property looking dull. We’ll help you keep your glass panels, windows and doors clean and clear of fingerprints to make your best impression.

Common Areas_1

High-Traffic Areas & Common Rooms

Whether you have 10 or 150 people in your office daily, common areas and spaces like elevator lobbies see a lot of traffic. We help our clients stay on top of cleaning high-traffic areas to remove germs, dirt and bacteria.

Glass Cleaning

Floor Care & Air Quality

There’s a surprising link between the floors we walk on and the air we breathe. Regularly cleaning floors, vacuuming carpets and mopping or scrubbing floors create a cleaner, more pleasant space from top to bottom.

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